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The Theatre Production Arts Certificate 2024 is here!

Instructors: Glen Landry & Laura Keightley | March 23 (with Glen) & March 24 (with Laura), 2024 (9am-5pm)

In this introductory workshop, participants gain insight into the visual world of film and theatre and learn how Art Direction sets the tone, mood and character definition in fictional space.


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2 in stock

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Course Description

Limited to ten participants, this weekend workshop features live instruction, with collaborative group assignments and presentations, mentoring and special guest designers from film and theatre.

Students should have access to a laptop or tablet for visual research purposes.

Successful completion of this course will enable the student to:

  • Analyze script content and break down a script for a shooting schedule
  • Understand the roles of the Art Department and the key collaborative structures
  • Explore concept design and create mood boards
  • Learn research and presentation skills
  • Practice time management, budgeting and planning skills

The workshop fee includes a sketchbook, watercolour paint and watercolour paper. Prior to the workshop, students will be emailed two script options and will be asked to read their script of choice.

2 in stock

Other Information

Course Location

163 King Street
Stratford N5A 4S2

Certificate Eligible

This course can  be taken as part of the Theatre Production Arts Certificate. (Learn more about it here.)

Tuition Assistance

Learn more about our tuition assistance options here.

COVID Protocols & Cancellation Policy

Read our COVID student protocols and Cancellation Policy here.

More Information

For more information about this course, contact Susan Starkweather, Program Advisor, at